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Manage Your Destiny – 9 rules to improve your wealth luck

Destiny is a divine road map that defines the path in which our lives will lead. This path is fixed, but not confined or restrictive in any way. Sometimes we make the mistake of thinking of our destiny as tunnels where we have no choice but to go through. The fact is that many people share the same astrological stars, but each manifests different outcomes. Why is that?

This is because our destiny is not tunnel, but a wide country road full of adventurous happenings. While walking on this road of our destiny, we many choices: to enjoy the journey or try to change the path.

When it comes to wealth, most of us make the mistake of trying to do things that instead of creating more abundance in our lives with the wealth, we create havoc. This happens when we move against the “flow” of our destiny.

There are many example of how this happens:

  • we may do a job or take on a business that we were not meant to do.
  • we may do something to get wealth that ultimately damage the source of wealth.
  • we may gain wealth at the wrong time
  • we may use the wealth wrongly

and so on.

This why we have to understand our wealth destiny, and learn to move with the flow. By doing this we will get wealthy no matter what the destiny implies. How to be wealthy – knowing your destiny?

Ways to Improve Your Wealth Luck

1. Believe that you can be wealthy.

This is most fundamental point of gaining wealth. If you cannot imaging yourself wealthy, you cannot be wealthy.  If your destiny gives you the impression that you have poor wealth luck, take it as an indication that the wealth will come from an indirect source. Ultimately everybody can be wealthy regardless of their destiny. You have to believe that.

The key to being lucky is to have a positive mind set.  If that is a problem that is stopping you from manifesting wealth luck, listen to some recordings that will help:

Increase your luck Hypnosis – Being lucky

Stop negative thinking hypnosis.

2. Overcome the fear of money.

We suffer from this more than we think. It is one thing to dream of wealth, and it is another thing to go and get it.  Many people wish they had more money but let opportunities go when the time comes. There are many reasons for this. One common reason is the fear of obligation that might come with gaining wealth.

3. Develop “long term wealth” thinking.
wealth-luckGetting wealthy, like getting healthy, is a lifestyle. It is not a short journey with  an end point. In order to get wealthy we have to learn to live in a way that manifest wealth.  We also have to think of wealth as a long term strategy rather than to try to attain wealth through “get rich quick” options.

When we look around us, the wealthy people are the ones with stable wealth. Their entire lifestyle moves around generating and keeping wealth. Many of them do not chase rainbows or do things to undermine their wealth, like over-investing.  These people have a long-term approach towards wealth management.

Poor people tend to think they can take short cuts. Buying lottery, or gambling or speculating. These aren’t wealthy lifestyle attitudes. Even if they win something, they will lose everything in the end.

4. Manage Your Money

Obvious, but not many people do it properly.  Managing money is very simple: Spend less than what you earn.  This is simple but almost impossible, even for wealth people. The truth is that the more we earn, the more we spend, the more we need.


As we move up the “social ladder” we feel entitled to own more. That is the problem.

What is the point of earning more just to need more?

Sometimes it is better to say “no” to unnecessary liabilities, than to try to match up with whatever inflated image you need to create for yourself.

When you can manage your money, more money will come to you. Respect your present wealth, and more wealth will come to you.

5. Have good Wealth Karma

Whatever you gain has to come from goodwill. It is better to make $5 from honest means than $500 from dishonesty. Karma is everything. Ill gotten money will manifest in ill luck in other areas of your life. It is not worth it.

6. Foster good Wealth Relationships

Wealthy people hang around people who help them get wealth. I am not talking about rubbing shoulders with wealthy people. Contacts that are wealthy may cause you to lose wealth. So wealthy people aren’t necessarily wealth relationships.

Wealth relationships come from the people around you; your immediate circle of family and friends. They will affect how wealthy you get. If you are among the kind of people who are supportive, encouraging and wealth minded, you are lucky, and you will have more chance of being successful with wealth.

If your situation is the opposite, it might be time to change your environment, or talk to the family, or go for counselling.

There are many good examples of poor people who band together to become rich people  — hip-hop stars, for example.  These are example from which we can learn.

7. Define your idea of wealth.

If you want to be successful, you need to know what success is. Same with wealth. What is wealth to you? Is it a number in your bank account? Is it a lifestyle you want? Is it for freedom? Is it for security?

When you define your idea of wealth, you will be better able to get what you want. Your destiny is telling you what you need from wealth. This is one way to listen to your destiny talking. This is the way to go with that flow.

For example, if your ideal is to gain freedom from wealth, but you wrongly think it is about getting $1million in your bank account, you might create the wrong business. This business might make that money at the expense of your freedom. This business will not last.

Therefore, knowing what you want from wealth is utmost important.

8. Be a Wealthy Person Right Now

People who say “I want to get rich” all the time will never be rich. How about saying to yourself  “I am rich”, “I am wealthy.”

It seems like a crazy idea, because you’re thinking “I need money, how can I be wealthy?”

That is where your problem lies. Belief.

Wealth is a mindset. It is hard to change, but everybody can do it. All you have to do is re-inforce the idea that you are wealthy, you have enough, and more will come.

9. Getting that Millionaire Mindset

You cannot get wealthy doing nothing. There is a lot of thinking to do, and some work to be done. What you need is to set goals and focus on them.

You will also need to have a mindset to keep learning. It is through learning that you sharpen you wealth gaining skills.

Fast-Track Wealthy Mindset Training With Hypnosis

No matter how much you read about wealth, you cannot be successful without mind-set change and belief. Hypnosis is an effective way to change your attitude and belief in what you are capable of.

Download and listen to these regularly — and change your wealth luck:

Absorb the 6 key psychological traits of self-made millionaires
millionaire-hypnosisThe Millionaire Mindset program contains these 6 success-shaping sessions:

1) Create Winning Business Ideas – enter a creative space within your mind where the money-making ideas will flow like molten gold.
2) Create Real Business Passion – generate a powerful deep unconscious drive for your business idea that will propel you forward.
3) Build Unshakeable Self Belief – every successful entrepreneur has solid self confidence and self belief. Build yours so you can beat the nay-sayers and weather the storms with ease.
4) Generate Laser Focus – you don’t get to the top by drifting off and thinking about other things. Get the full power of your unconscious mind behind your goal.
5) Develop an Unstoppable Work Ethic – anyone who tells you becoming a millionaire is not hard work has never done it. This session will make work your most enjoyable pastime.
6) Create Unbeatable Optimism – as you travel your business path, you will come up against obstacles. There will be times when you wonder if you should give up. This session will give you a solid bedrock of optimism, so you just know it’s going to work, even on the darkest of days.

*** Plus powerful perspective-shifting bonus download – ‘Think like a Millionaire’ !


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