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Feng Shui Definition

A simple Feng Shui definition could be “the study of the influence of forms, space and time of an environment on humanity”.

The literal translation of the Chinese words “Feng Shui” mean “Wind and Water”…  Read more…

Feng Shui History in Brief

Feng Shui History goes back to ancient times (1100-200BC) when Fu Xi discovered the use of the trigrams… Read more…

Flying Stars Feng Shui

Flying Stars Feng Shui is an effective form of Feng Shui because it takes into consideration time and space. The Qi of buildings are affected by the spatial facing and sitting directions. This energy is dynamically affected by time cycles…Read more…

Recording the Facing Direction of A Building With a Compass

Before taking the reading, identify the facing direction of a building… Read more…

Properties of Flying Stars In Feng Shui For Period 8 (2004-2023)

Timely Flying Stars bring good fortune and good health. Untimely stars bring potential harm. Use Feng Shui measures to enhance Timely stars and exhaust / drain Untimely stars… Read more…

Feng Shui Books



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