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Infographic – A Guide to Creating a De-cluttered Home – Good Feng Shui Decor Ideas

This is a short infographic guide to creating minimalistic decor for the home and any living and working space. Minimalism in decor is the way to de-clutter the visual aspect of the space. There are elements that help to create zen.
Clearing of clutter is a fundamental feng shui concept. Here are ideas for good Feng Shui Decor.

A Visual Guide to Minimalist Home Decor

Minimalism is an art movement from the 1950s. Minimal Pallet, maximum style. Clean lines crisp colors delicate accents truly create a warm space in the home.
“White is what minimalists dream in”
Benefits of a Minimalist home: Less stressful, more appealing, easier to clean.
Minimal Furniture: Room should contain few pieces of simple furniture. Large furniture for big rooms. The furniture are best simple with clean colors and minimal patterning.
Clear surfaces: Flat clear surfaces free from objects. Use cabinets that hides objects rather than display. Books are better concealed than displayed on shelves. Keep table tops and side tables clear of objects.
Accent Decorations: Single piece of decor that stands out. This can be a piece of art, a sculpture or a photo on a frame.
Quality over Quantity: Few good quality items and no cheap objects lying around.

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