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What is Luck? How to be a lucky person for life

what is luckWe consider people more well off than us lucky. We see a photo of a movie star and say “she’s lucky” because she is beautiful, rich and has a gorgeous husband.  Do we know what really is luck?

Wikipedia defines luck as “chance”, something that occurs beyond one’s control [1], events that happen by itself without anyone mortal having an influence in it. Some people like to believe luck is supernatural, and that one’s luck can be effect with the influence of supernatural intervention.

This is probably why many fall back on religions and the metaphysical — as a means to achieve what they cannot influence by will alone, that is luck.

There are many ways we perceive the existence of luck:

1. Luck you are born with.

This is what we consider “heaven luck”, and is something totally beyond our control. The country you are born in, your genes, your family wealth, and the era in which you live. Zi Wei Dou Shu and astrology map our heaven luck.

2. Luck that happens out of circumstance.

When we just happen to be at the right (or wrong) place at the right time. Or meet someone by chance. It could be an accident, or a happening that cause a change in our routine and maybe our lives as we knew it.

3. Luck we have no clue about.

Thing just happened and we did not realize it happened until everything is over. Then we look back and say, it was actually lucky that we did this… or it’s lucky that

Luck is a Perception

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The reason why luck has many interpretations is because luck is abstract, not real; it is a human perception. We ‘feel’ luck but we cannot see it. We can see the evidence of luck but luck itself is intangible.

What one person visualizes as luck may not be seen in the same light by others.

For example, we can say that [easyazon-link asin=”B0000DJE9R” locale=”us”]Michael Jackson[/easyazon-link] was lucky, because:

  • He was rich,
  • He was famous,
  • His family supported his career at a young age, an he never had to climb the career ladder.

On that same thought, many people can see that the ‘luck’ he had had many shortcomings. If we asked people, they will have variations to how really ‘lucky’ or ‘unlucky’ they think he was.

There is nothing we can do to measure luck.

We cannot say, he is luckier than her by 40%. It doesn’t make sense. Does it?

You are as Lucky as You Believe

If luck is a perception and we all have different view points on the degree of luck a person has, we have control over the perception of our own luck.

This means that you are only as lucky as you feel.

Feeling is believing, not thinking. 

You can think yourself lucky, but something tells you,  “that is bullshit.”

Belief is a difficult thing. How can you make yourself believe something you do not believe?

Fact is, you have to.

You are only as lucky as you believe you are, and there lies the power of belief.

How to Be Lucky

building luck

There are many ways to start believing in your own luck:

1. Reflect on your life and count all the blessings first. 

In Zi Wei Dou Shu, there are 12 pillars of your life: self, career, children, parents, spouse, property, finance, health, friends, brothers, travels …

These pillars describe aspects of your life… at different times, these aspects can be ‘lucky’ or ‘not so lucky’.

Reflect on the lucky aspects in your current situation while putting aside those aspects that aren’t.

Focus on the good fortune.

Nobody ever lives with good luck in all aspects all the time. Astrologists will tell you that only 30% is good, while the rest is so-so or bad. Even the movie star you think is lucky has her unlucky elements, and this is normally seen in their relationships, or career, etc.

Remember that luck changes. Nothing ever stays the same.

2. Focus on where your luck lies and nurture it.

We are often in pursuit of something we cannot have and risk what we already have to get it.

If your family luck and relationship luck is great, don’t squander it away. Some people work so hard for wealth, they forget their faithful spouses, and end up losing everything.

When you protect your inherent luck, everything will fall in place.

If wealth luck is not easy at the moment, focus on your relationships, health, family, talent. These will ultimately make up for the lack.

3. Live in the Present

The present is all you have. You are lucky [easyazon-link asin=”1577314808″ locale=”us”]NOW[/easyazon-link]. You cannot sacrifice today for tomorrow. That is not lucky. When you can say “I have it good” at this moment. You are a lucky person.

This does not mean you do not work for a better future… you should.

There is a difference between only working for the future and working in the NOW for the future. When you work in the NOW, you find enjoyment in what you do. You are mindful of your work and you are focussed on what you can do best at this very moment.

Right now, for example, I am focussed on explaining as best as I can to you about this topic on luck. This is what I can do best at this present moment… by the time you read this, this moment would be past. My luck will be good when you find this article meaningful and life changing. My karma will be good if you are able to impart this bit of wisdom to someone else, like by sharing this piece of information on this site. My luck will be good if more people visit this site and buy stuff or use the ads.

See, this is how I use my knowledge and talent luck to build more luck.

You can do the same with everything you have, especially your relationship luck and your health luck.

4. Engage Your Body

Your sense of luck is purely an invention of your mind. Mind and body are interconnected. You will better manage your luck when you manage your own body.

  1. [easyazon-link asin=”B0062US5RW” locale=”us”]Exercise[/easyazon-link]. Exercise helps you to put control over your body. With this control, you are better able to control your mind.
  2. Meditate. Meditation is all about relaxation of the body and mind. When your mind is clear of stress, you will be better able to reflect on the reality of the present. You will be better able to reflect on what is really lucky in your life and how to enjoy and nurture it. You will be better able to wash out any neurotic need that makes you unhappy.  Read: How To Meditate.
  3. Self Hypnosis. Self -hypnosis is a simpler way to relax and change belief and habits than meditation. Listening to hypnosis downloads will guide you towards relaxing the body enough to bring belief to reality.

This last point about engaging the body to bring luck to your life is experienced by me and the people I coach. This is why I am giving you this advice — not heard off from other practitioners of astrology.

At the end of the day, we know, contrary to popular belief, luck is not an event we cannot fully control. We can control our luck with belief , and nurturing the luck we already have. This will amplify your luck get you on the path to getting whatever you want.


 Resources to Help You bring Luck into Your Life

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[1] What is Luck on Wikipedia

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