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Plum Blossom I-Ching – The Hu Tien Method

Plum Blossom I-Ching – The Hu Tien Method

The Hu Tien Divination deals with current events and uses the environment, situation and objects directly confronting us.

For successful divination, one should only consider out-of-the-ordinary situations or sightings. For this, one has to be observant.

Observe and notice percularity of a situation, then mark out the hexagrams.

Importance of Trigrams

Since everything has is represented by one of the eight trigrams, in the Hu Tien Divination method, it is important to be well versed in the meanings and significance of each trigram.

The above shows the direction relative to the diviner and the trigtam that describes it.

For the Pen Kua, the direction is the lower trigram.

The Upper trigram of the Pen Kua is the subject. E.g. Old Man = Qian, a Bird = Xun.

For the moving line, it is the remainder of: (top trigram + bottom trigram + hour)/6

Follow process of identifying the Ti and Yungs and the strength of the Ti.