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Feng Shui Elements – For Period 8

Timely Flying Stars bring good fortune and good health. Untimely stars bring potential harm.

Use Feng Shui measures to enhance Timely stars and exhaust / drain Untimely stars.

Neutral Stars can go either way, depending on their partnering stars. The best way to deal with these stars is to harmonize their relationship with Feng Shui decorating tips.

Flying Stars affect each other within a sector. It is always bad if there is a “hurting” or “Exhausting” combination, like stars 1 + 2, because that means dispute.

The idea is to remedy these types of relationships by intervening with color or shapes.

Achieve this by applying the Five-Element Theory.

Example 1:

If a living room has a combination like 8 water star (very Auspicious), with a 9 Mountain Star, this is auspicious because 9 Fire element which generates 8 (Earth). In this instance, you’d want to enhance the good fortune of the stars by supporting the 9 (fire). One effective measure is to add colors of red, purple, orange, or bright lamps / television / fire place, because these objects resemble Fire.

Example 2:

If another living room has a combination or 8 water star, together with a 4 mountain Star, this is inauspicious because 4 is wood element that controls the 8 (Earth). Since 8 star is Timely and Auspicious, you want to support it with elements of Earth, square objects like tiles, furniture, earth-toned objects, plus a little touch of red (fire element), at the same time avoid putting plants / poles /bamboo (wood element) because it will support the untimely 4 star. This way you drain the Untimely star, while enhancing the Auspicious Star.


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Feng Shui Elements. Properties of the Flying Stars.

Properties of Flying Stars In Feng Shui For Period 8 (Cont’d)

Star no. 7 (Red Star)

  • Element: Metal
  • Timeliness: Neutral-Untimely
  • Influence: Injury, Poisoning, Robbery, Isolation, Legal Problems , Verbal Skills
  • Family: Youngest Daughter
  • Body: Head, Lungs
  • Helper Stars: 2, 8, 5 (Earth)
  • Hurting Stars: 9 (Fire)
  • Draining Stars: 1 (Water)
  • Exhausting Stars: 3, 4 (Wood)
  • Support Stars: 6, 7 (Metal)
  • Color: White, Silver
  • Shape: Round, Oval, Spherical .Star no. 8 (White Star)
  • Element: Earth
  • Timeliness: Timely
  • Influence: Fame, Wealth, Good Health, Spirituality, Success
  • Family: Youngest Son
  • Body: Hands, Fingers, Back
  • Helper Stars: 9 (Fire)
  • Hurting Stars: 3, 4 (Wood)
  • Draining Stars: 6, 7 (Metal)
  • Exhausting Stars: 1 (Water)
  • Support Stars: 2, 8, 5 (Earth)
  • Color: Yellow, brown, tan, earth,
  • Shape: Square, Rectangle.Star no. 9 (Purple Star)
  • Element: Fire
  • Timeliness: Timely
  • Influence: Academic Excellence, Success, Growth
  • Family: Middle Daughter
  • Body: Eyes, Heart
  • Helper Stars: 3, 4 (Wood)
  • Hurting Stars: 1 (Water)
  • Draining Stars: 2, 8, 5 (Earth)
  • Exhausting Stars: 6, 7 (Metal)
  • Support Stars: 9 (Fire)
  • Color: red, purple, orange
  • Shape: Sharp edges, triangular .
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Interactions Of Flying Stars in Feng Shui

Interaction of the Flying Stars

The Flying Stars are represented by trigrams, and thus have elemental properties. They also represent members of the household. See this page.

The goal in Feng Shui, is to activate and utilize the Qi of good stars, while harmonizing and minimizing the Qi from harmful stars.

In an ideal situation, the stars in a sector are in harmony, but often this is not the case. We thus have to put in place measures to harmonize conflicting Qi, while activating beneficial Qi.

This is achieved by decor and colors of the room and shapes/types of objects in the room.

In the case of Water stars, creating activity through useage will activate the star, while for Mountain Stars are deactivated by too much movement.

Certain star combinations can cause specific harm due to the clash of the elements. Measures then have to be taken for that.

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